The Car Rental Guide

Important Tips On Lowering Your Car Rentals


Due to high cost in car rentals, sometimes it is no longer a convenient way and not worth it. The increase in the price of gasoline is one of the factors why car rentals become very expensive. But the truth behind this rising car rental fees that we do not know about are the hidden charges that car rental companies adds. Almost half of the cost on your car rental bill comes from the hidden charges.


The sad truth is that these car rental companies do not tell you about these charges but they are optional. Opting to remove the charges will save you more money. By reading this article, you will learn how to talk your way out of these charges.


when you are being picked up at the airport for your own convenience, these car rental companies often charge you airport taxes and surcharges. With this extra service, you will be charged 10% on your total bill. Taxes and concession fee is what makes the service more expensive if you choose to be picked up at the airport. The concession fees is being charge to the rental companies by the airport management everytime they bring in a rental into the airport. Everytime Transportation tour Bandung companies do business at the airport, they need to pay taxes with the local government.


Airport and other Bandung car rental companies offer free shuttle service with fixed routes. Taking the free shuttle service offered by the airport and other companies, you can have this hidden charges be removed from your bill. Not taking advantage of their extra service will help you reduce the cost of your rental car.


For the damage loss waiver, you will be charged $10-$25 per day to avoid liability for any damage to the car but it should not be because of negligence.


Part of the car insurance and credit card insurance covers rental cars. Check with your car insurance company if rented cars are included in your policy and if it is covered then, you can have the loss damage waiver removed from your bill.


Running a car with a full tank seems tempting and that gasoline charges may be a great idea. No need for you to stop by the nearest gasoline station and fill up the car and return it with an empty tank.


Renters often do not consume the entire full tank of gas with no refund but still being charges for it. It is was cheaper when you are the one who will gas up your tank and pay for the amount of the fuel. Visit for more readings.